Ebo 2.0 only HAP Video s?

Hi Im wondering …

just switched one set to the new Ebo 2 and none of my vids are showing up except one clip I had in there in HAP format.

I hope that there is still a way to use other movie formats inside Ebo 2.0

I have so much full clips inside my sessions that I can hardly switch all these clips into hap

I would need Terrabites of Harddisk side to make my sets work …

Hope this is still possible?


Hi Franky, yes, all codecs are still supported. But videos don’t load in your case? You are using eSession to play videos? Is there no error message? Does Live play the audio? Can you send us a screenshot of the Max window at contact@ebosuite.com? Maybe that gives us a clue. To open the max window right-click on the titlebar of an EboSuite plug-in and select Show Max Window from the pop-up menu.
Cheers, Jeroen

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