Easy way to sync or randomise FX controls to the beat?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to automate effect controls to the beat, and also to randomise them.
It would be an easy way to have an ever changing visual show going on, just set a few up and randomise them out of sync.
Some alternatives to Ebosuite do this very intuitively. Is there an easy way? I tried to use Max LFO instances but it said they can only load into Midi tracks.

HI A/drzygote,
It is possible to use the LFO that comes with max for live.
You have to be careful about. It comes in two versions: midi effect (LFO MIDI) and audio effect (LFO). I think you have the former while you need the latter.

Results may vary though since Ableton can have some odd crashes when using a bunch of LFO’s to control max for live devices.

Thanks for your response.

Oh it would be great to have some of that functionality built in then. Some other video add ons for ableton do some of this stuff natively.

Hi guys! I found the LFO for audio but how can I connect the LFO to the ebosuite effect?
Actually the only way what I found is to map the same midi parameter to 1 audio knob and another ebosuite effect knob at the same time. Is there any other way to do it? Did I missed something in the manual?