Easiest way to swap audio in a video track?

This question is related to my other topic “Cannot convert a selection of more than one clip from arrangement video”. At this time, it seems the only way I can export the video loops I create by cutting/copying/pasting in the arrangement view is to use Ableton’s Export Audio/Video feature. But it defaults to creating a video that has 16-bit/44.1kHz audio. The export does of course create a separate audio track that is at the setting that I specify (24-bit / 48kHz). I want to bring that video back into Ableton’s session view and play with it using EboSuite’s eSession plugin. But I don’t wanna have to use the sub-par audio track that it contains - I wanna use the higher res separate audio track from the export. Is there an easy way to simply remove the 16-bit/44.1kHz audio track from the video and replace it with the 48kHz audio file (which are identical in length and content)? I don’t want to have to take each video into FCP X and line up the audio track and re-render. This seems silly. I just want the video rendered with the correct audio settings in it in the first place.

HI hat,
Good point, I don’t know a quick solution for know but I will look and ask around.
I used to do this with quicktime pro, but that is not supported anymore.
There are also various online tools that might work (to some extent).

I think ffmpeg will be a quick way to do it:
here are 2 links related to that: