E-sampler loses video file when the track order changes?

is it normal that when i change the placement of a track the eSampler “loses” the video file it is charged with?
f.e. i have 4 tracks, and on track 1&2 i have two eSampler loaded, and all works.
if i move track 4 all the way left, so that the original track order became 4-1-2-3, the e samplers doesen’t trig the videos anymore. i mean, in the “drop the video here” zone videos file names are displayed correctly, but they aren’t no more triggered.
and if i re-drag the video file in the “drop the video here” zone again it will work again.

Hi Maxmagaldi, no that is not normal, so let’s figure out what is happening. It doesn’t trigger at all, so you also don’t hear the audio?

no, it losts only the video, audio is still there.

HI Max, I know what this is, I worked on this issue last week.
It will be fixed in the next version.
(I can send you a fixed eSampler to test if you like)

hi timo,

no problem, i’ll wait the update (now i know the problem andi’ll beware of changing track order).

when it’s the next version release planned for?

Hi Maxmagaldi, we just released an update to fix this issue. You’ll find the changelog and the installer here: EboSuite 1.33 (release date 2019-01-16) - #2 by Jeroen

hey there, i’ve totally missed your message.
anyway i’m downloading the 1.4 right now!
let you know