Duet display for 2nd screen ebosuite window

hey ive been using duet display with my laptop to have my ipad as my second screen to show the ebosuite window. it works very well and is a good portable setup to have a 2nd screen. there are a few different brands of this type of ipad screen sharing around, duet display is just the one i tried:

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Yes! I used Duet on a daily basis for a few months before updating to Live 10! Since they put out Live 10 ( and since I was on Sierra… I updated my machine to Mojave 2 weeks ago) I couldn’t use duet properly. Ableton froze every time I used the ebosuite screen in it. I thought it was a Live problem.

I just checked the app right now and it works flawlessly! Finally! A good alternative for portable projection rehearsals (It even have the MacBook Pro Touch Bar inside) :wink:

Here is a video I made back in the day using Duet and Ebosuite. — VideoBeat12.03.18 . . . RAW STREAM - OUT NOW!...

thats a great vid! funnily enough after i posted that, duet stopped working. ha ha

it seems to not like me using the GPU with ebosuite. if i use integrated graphics with ebosuite, its fine. if i switch over to GPU then i doesnt work properly. Im usingGFX card status to switch.