Dry/Wet knob for ISF Shaders

The ISF Shader plugin is awesome and brings in a lot of new possibilities. However some (most) shaders don’t have a dry/wet knob, which means an effect is always enabled. Might be a good option to have a general dry/wet knob implemented in the ISF plugin to adjust the amount of effect enabled.

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Hi Fred, a dry/wet knob would be very useful, I agree, but because each ISF shader is designed and set up in a different way it is difficult to make a general dry/wet knob that will work with any ISF effect. The interface of the eFX-ISF plug-in is generated automatically from the shader code, so it is up to the creator of the shader to design and add the dry/wet slider.


hi jeroen and hi fred, same observation here.
jeroen, any other way to reach the same result of a dry-wet fader using some ableton effect/plugin?i’ve tryied to group the eFX-ISF to create two chains (one for the dry signal and one for the “wet”) but it doesent work.
so there’s no way to reach that goal?

Hi Maxmagaldi, will the following routing work for you?

  • add a eSyphonOut plug-in to the track with your source video
  • add a eSyphonIn plug-in to another track, so the video source is visible on that track as well
  • add the eFX-ISF plug-in to the track with the eSyphonIn plug-in
  • Now you can fade in/out the output of the eFX-ISF plug-in on top of your video source.

See example video below:


nice, i’ve lost your reply, jeroen, i’ve reed only now.
i don’t have the possibility to test now, but i think that if it work for you it’ll work also for me. GREAT!
i let you know, thnx!