Drumrack choke groups and timeline/arrangement feed

I just wish that these three things could be possible in the next updates:

  1. Choke groups in drum rack doesn’t work if you play with multiple esamplers on the pads. It would be awesome if this worked, at least for my workflow. (looping and reverse could be a nice feature too for the esampler!)

  2. Having a feed from the arrangement view for each video track could be awesome too (proper video file, not midi). Even for editing purposes. Imagine that Live could do some video editing with layers modes (multiply, burn, …) and opacities like finalcut or premiere!?But with a mix of midi files and audio/video files. We could create the structure of a projection show in advance using the timeline and then put some effects and other layers live! I cand do some workarounds with midi clips but I could be great to put some videos on the timeline, directly.

  3. If the point number 2 is possible, It would be awesome to export the edited timeline with a device like eComper or even “eRender”! hehe
    I don’t know if this is too crazy, but imagine grouping 10 tracks with your performance and then exporting it all in one only movie clip .mov or .mp4 to post it on youtube. Making a video edited with layers and automations and then exporting it, could be really AWESOME!

Thank you again for this experience! I am enjoying a lot more Live right now! Live 10 is just awesome, but with this… this is the cherry on top for me! IT’S CRAZY!

Carlos Abeijon

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for sharing your experiences, kind words and ideas with us, much appreciated!

Choke groups in drum rack
That sounds odd, let me take a look at what is going on there, I’ll get back to you.

feed from the arrangement view
This one we would like as well, but it is a bit tricky since Ableton doesn’t give so much information about what is going on in the arrangement view. This can only be done with some workarounds that will always lead to confusing situations if you do not adhere to specific restrictions in your workflow. We will discuss this with Ableton as soon as we have the chance.

exporting arrangement timeline
This connects to the previous point, it is very interesting, but we will have to see what is possible and wise to do here.



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I understand! Looking forward for the next updates! Thanks

HI Carlos,
I was just taking a look at what you describe about the choke groups.
But, for me they seem to work fine.

Can you explain to me more in detail the situation that leads to unexpected results?



I didn’t give you a complete explanation of the problem, sorry.

The choke groups work perfectly with audio but don’t work If you use eSamplers ( choke between each other) when you select “play until next note” function to get that One Shot style without always pressing the buttons. But choke groups don’t mute each other when I use esampler.

Here is a video I made showing you the problem:



Thank you Carlos for the example video, I’ll take a look and report back.

and… I’ve found it:
there was a bug in the ‘play until next note’ functionality, I’ll send you the fixed version of eSampler to test via PM.

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