Drum rack polyphony


I created a thread about this a couple years ago but I’m hoping there’s a solution now with ebosuite 2:

The manual suggests putting many eSamplers in a drum rack. But when I do this, I can only trigger one note at a time. Is there a way yet to trigger two videos from the same track?

I’m just hoping to play a single track with a keyboard and see video from more than one note at a time. I’ve tried it with an instrument rack too and no luck – I hold down two notes and it only plays one of the videos.


Hi Chris,
I understand your puzzle, but currently what you want is not possible. Only 1 video on a track can be visible at a time, or to put differently: there is only 1 videosource per track. This is a design and conceptual limitation, changing this will be quite a challenge and also a big puzzle about how to make this work for the user. E.g. you can select the size and position (and rotation) of the video with eTrackTransform, but in a polyphonic (or rather ‘polyscopic’) case this will not be enough, because they would be drawn on the same place.
The best way to do what you want right now is to use the ePoly plugin icw eSimplers or eSamplers. Did you already try that out? you can combine the outputs with eGroup so that they share the same effects chain.
I hope this will get you started.