Drum Rack Esimpler individual ISF

So the idea of the drum rack to play with video is amazing and it works great with the esampler!! But when i try to put some shaders (isf basic shapes) into individuals drum rack slot, it is greyed out and i can’t change any parameters. I then decided to make the modifications outside of the drum rack and put it back in the drum slot when I was done and it worked. The problem is when i try to create another shader to another individual slot of the drum rack. It seems that the first shader created isn’t working anymore and the last shader created, after putting it back in the individual slot, becomes the host of every sound in the individual drum rack slot that have the esimpler on so all the sounds have the same shader.
I don’t know if what i’m saying is clear and if it is possible to bypass this problem.
Thank you!

Hi Loukas
Sorry for the late reply. Currently, we don’t support eFX on individual Drum Rack slots, we will add that functionality in a future update. For now, you can add effects to audio/MIDI tracks and the master track only.