Double click to add a video

Hi, is it possible when we have to add a video in esampler, esimpler or eclip, the option to put a window and double click to access and load the video? it would be faster to work, sometimes opening the finder and dragging the video makes me lose a bit of time.

Hi vds,
If you use Ableton’s browser you can doubleclick on a video to load it in the currently selected clipslot. You can (permanently or temporarily) add a directory with videos to your ‘places’ . So this is a solution for eClips.

For eSampler and eSimpler it is different since Live automatically creates a Simpler device on a track if you have selected a miditrack (we cannot override this).
But I think using the browser to drag videos from can already speed up the process quite a bit compared to a 2nd finder window.
I hope this helps,

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Yes, it is true with eclip it can be done, too bad it cannot also be done by double clicking where it says drop movie here in eSampler or eSimpler, thanks anyway, greetings