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Hello team,

I’m trying to find probably a very basic stuff, but can’t figure it out elsewhere, so sorry if this is already discussed somewhere else.

I would like to use Ebosuite with Ableton as a live visuals during my DJ set.

The setup would be Pioneer DJ controller (XDJ RX2). I would need to figure out, how to send an audio output to an “audio” track in Ableton. Probably using Pioneer utility and the controller’s sound card…?

Then I have an idea having a separate “video” track in Ableton full of different looped basic videos, so let’s say 10 different videos in the session view in 1 track. I would switch between them during the live set in Ableton directly.
Is it somehow possible to have an Ebosuite effect rack (or simply certain Ebo plugins changing the the chosen video) on the “video” track, which will be triggered by the music being played via “audio” track from the DJ controller? So basically the videos would do some visual stuff rhythmically according to the played input.

Can you even suggest some basic routing or example? I would then continue by myself further.

If not possible any examples for using ebo suite during a DJ set for rhythmic visuals for music that is being played?

Sorry I’m really new to this! thanks

Hi all!

I have a similar question to the one above.

I’ve been using EboSuite for a few years as part of my live set and it works amazingly for playing pre-prepared visuals.

Now, my DJ friend and I are looking to add visuals to our DJ sets and have the visuals changing and reacting to audio in real time. (My Ableton Live setup being triggered by incoming audio from the DJ mixer). I can achieve this using this Max For Live device called BrainCandy - BrainCandy for Ableton Live (this would most likely work for the OP above).

It would be amazing to be able to somehow blend EboSuite with BrainCandy, or if Ebosuite had some way of being able to react to incoming audio.

Is any of this possible?


Hi Crombiepoint, sorry for the late reply. I have no experience with BrainCandy, but if it supports Syphon or NDI it should be possible to stream its visual output into EboSuite and vice versa. You can use Ableton’s Envelope follower to make EboSuite parameters react to audio. Use an EQ/filter on the audio signal that is coming into the Envelope follower to focus on certain frequencies (like the bass or hi-end).

The Envelope Follower (and LFO and Shaper) can be quite demanding on your system, because it sends a lot of messages to a linked parameter. For video you usually do not need such high update rate (25fps means that there is a new frame every 40 ms).

Therefore Timo created a custom LFO, Shaper and Envelope Follower (based on the standard Live plug-ins) that allow you to ‘limit updates’. Use the toggle to turn that on and use the time numbox to configure the max update time.

You find them here: (131.1 KB)

This is a QuickTip video about the Envelope Follower:

Here you can read about it in Live’s manual (28.2.2):

Hi Jeroen

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to trying this out over the coming days, thanks for the tips!

Edit: BrainCandy does NOT support Syphon.

I will definitely try out the Envelope Follower :+1:

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