Disable main video output of EboSuite

I was wondering if it’s possible to disable the video-output of the EboSuite.
I’m sending the individual videochannels with Syphon, so i don’t need the EboSuite output. I can imagine to disable this output will save some cpu and gpu power right?

And / or is it possible to send video to the EboSuite with Syphon (from Max/Jitter) so i just need one main video-output.


Hi Aart,

The things you request are not possible yet, but they are very useful we will put them on the list for the (hopefully near) future.

Hi aartcore,

Although we are thinking about this option, disabling the output window would not save almost any of the gpu/cpu power - so the hiding would be mostly cosmetic.


Thanks for the reply, i will hide it for now then!