Different video position Instagram/Youtube

Hi, I watched some of the Eboman-videos (which I love btw :smiley: ) and noticed that some video-elements are positioned differently on Instagram vs. Youtube (like here for example, YT side by side Cough 'n' bass (Fun&Bass DVJ set snippet) - YouTube and Insta on top of each other Eboman auf Instagram: "Cough 'n' bass Hi all, this is a snippet from my new Fun&Bass DVJ set. Mashing TikTok videos into energetic, fun bass grooves. #remix #funandbass #mashup #tire #falseteeth #fun #tiktok #foryou #ableton #audiovisual #memetechno #dnb #drumandbass #bass"). I was wondering how you did that - did you change it manually or is there an automatic way to arrange the videos for different screen ratios? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi rumblephil, I repositioned the videos manually indeed. There is not a function in EboSuite that does that automatically. That would be a cool feature!

Alright, I thought so :slight_smile: â€Ķa horizontal/vertical tetris-feature would actually really be cool yes! Thanks for your reply Jeroen!

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