Device error when duplicating a track

Hi! Thanks for the new update!
I found a bug on my Live 11.0.1 installation ( I ll try to download the newest version soon. It might be a Max error). When I prepare a track with a eSimpler and a simple device and duplicate it, it seems that the duplicated eSimpler has an error. (see pictures below)
Same with drumrack using the same devices.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 21.50.35

I did some more tests and it seems that it duplicates fine the drumrack pads if I close and open the session again. I still have a problem with an eSimpler and a simpler device on a single track.
I noticed that my Ableton Indexer is a bit slow right now. I don’t know if this could be the cause of my problem.

Here is the project with the video file I was using, if you want to check it out on your system :slight_smile:

Here is a video capture as well


hi owae.go, sorry for the late reply. We will look into this! Cheers

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HI Carlos, what you found here is an odd Ableton/ max for live bug that we can’t really do anything about it. Sometimes it happens (it used to happen a lot more in the Live 9 days) and you simply need to deselect the track and select it again and the device loads normally. After that it works fine in my experience, is that also working for you?

Hi Timo,
Yes, it works! It doesn’t appear right away (I have to wait a few seconds on my machine) but it finally appears.

great it works, sorry for the messy experience
We tried to take this up with ableton/cycling, but since it doesn’t happen with simple devices it was hard for them to take a proper look.