Demo 1.6 or 1.52 - "always on top"

Hi - trying to decide whether to buy, but a big hesitation is that I can’t view the video on top of my session. I have to swipe back and forth from Ableton to Ebo, which is less than ideal. I tried using the e-output, as well as clicking “always on top” on Ebosuite software. Thanks!

Ableton 10.1.1
Mac OS 10.14 (Macbook Pro, mid 2012)

Hi Jafala
The ‘Always on top’ button in eOutput should make the output window stay on top of your session indeed. But that doesn’t work in your case? I haven’t heard of that issue before. Can you click on the button to turn it off and then turn it on again? Does the output window still go to the background when you clicked that button a few times? If this issue persists I would like to take a closer look at it. Maybe plan a short Skype session.

Thanks for your quick response! I messed around with your suggestions, but no luck. But, I upgraded to the latest Ableton (from 10.1 to 10.5), and when I toggle (in e-output) the “full screen” option (default is “non full screen”, and I toggled the “primary display” on and off), I got it working using the 1.6 demo.

Wondering if this may be an issue with preferences I have on my Mac, or the demo version of Ebosuite. Thanks for your offer for a Skype session. I hope to buy the full version of Ebo soon, so if it’s still doing this then let’s schedule something!

Do you mean Ableton 10.1.5 (instead of 10.5)? I tried to recreate this issue, but here it seems to work fine. The demo and the full version work the same, so that shouldn’t make a difference. If this issue persists on your system I would like to have a look at it.

Hmmm…was just about to buy, when a few days it started doing this again. I got a new demo because I had upgraded to Catalina. Short Skype session, as you mentioned above? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong in settings?

Mac 10.15.3
Ableton Suite 10.1.9
Ebosuite Demo 1.6.2 (though of course I waited until the last minute - I think the 15 day trial ends today.) Thanks!

Ok - sorry about this! Ableton was in “full screen” mode and that’s why Ebosuite wasn’t appearing “on top”. All set!

Unless I should be able to be in full screen Ableton while seeing the output window on top, which would be my preference.

Hi Jafala, glad to hear you found out what was happening. We will have a look at why EboSuite is not appearing on top when Ableton is in full screen mode. Thank you for reporting that issue. Cheers

Thanks, Jeroen! Appreciate it.