Delay and echo for eclip?

the music i play live is mostly dub which has a lot of delays and echos. we dont program anything in arrangement view so its all done in session view on the fly. im hoping to use ebosuite for quite a literal visual translation where i trigger a sample, it shows the sample as a video clip and then when i add delay/echo to the sample, i can have some way of representing that delayed sample in the video too.

i have been playing around with your demo files and the vocal ‘never had a reason…’
I was thinking it would be great if that eclip could change opacity in time with the echo repeat rate so it would fade out in time with the audio delay getting quieter. so i tried the max envelope follower after the delay and mapped it to opacity slider in the eclip which sort of seemed to work but i couldnt get the eclip to repeat unless i triggered it. Not quite sure how to pull this idea off??

what would be cool is a video plugin that would emulate a delay plugin where the eclip would repeat with a delay time (eg 8th notes) and the feedback would affect how long it repeats for and the size of the eclip image eg repeated image gets smaller as the audio delays get quieter or the repeated image gets bigger as feedback is increased. it could get crazy like when you feedback a tape delay! the image could take over the screen :slight_smile:

also delay plugins have filters and reverb so the delayed images could have filters like your eFX devices. the delayed images would look different from the original image. that would be heaps of fun to play with.

is there a current way to achieve even parts of this idea from session view?

Try the “Note Echo” M4L Midi Effect, then set your eSampler to “Vel to Opacity” to get a nice a/v delay effect that fades out over time.

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Thanks for the tip. This sounds like fun! Will try that tonight but im primarily using audio clips not simplers or samplers. Might be a workaround.

Hi Clay, We are working hard on expanding the video mix and effects capabilities. I think feedback and a dedicated video delay will help in your case. It will take some time to add that, but we definitely will. I think Josh’s tip is a good one (thanks Josh:)). If I come up with another idea, I’ll let you know. I will also check with the team. Cheers!

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so i gave this a try and it is really fun and sooo close. its just that the note echo will only delay the beginning of the note, it cant delay the last bit of a vocal sample, only the start. that is unless you chop up your vocal into multiple notes which i do but i am looking for a way that i can just bring delay in and out across one sample preferably an eclip. will muck around with this and see if there is a workaround. thanks for the tips!

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The work u guys have done is amazing. You have made something that is normally very complicated to be very user friendly and easy. I am super excited about this tool!

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I agree with Clay.

You are doing a great job and it would be wicked to have more literal AV effects like delays!

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hi all

im coming back to ebosuite to do some videos after a bit of a break. Just wondering if there has been any movement in this area - video delay? video feedback? Im really wanting to do some dub delay mixing with videos inspired by old school dub techniques using mixing desks to cut in audio and then put crazy echo and fx on it, like in this video. Previously i had to slice everything up into esamplers, use midi and try using the midi delay as recommended by robotkid.