Create slice in eSampler

Would it be possible to create slice in eSampler?
I think it’s a way to save you a lot of work :blush:

yes, working on it, will be in the next version!


:wink: thank you very much I want to know more

I was thinking that it would also be very interesting to use eSample slice with photography or maybe it is better to create a new plugin “ePicsample” exclusively for images where you can have different tools.

Hi vds
How would slicing work for images in your view? The eSampler slices a sample on different points in time, but images have no timeline.

exactly, images have no timeline, I had thought of converting the photos to video and then making a slice, but that requires a slower work process. That’s why I think it would be very important to create something more specific for trigger-type images from each of the notes of a keyboard as if they were layers or something like that, I don’t know if I explain myself well … :sweat_smile:

You can load an image in the eSampler or eSimpler. If you have multiple eSamplers/eSimplers in a DrumRack you can have different images mapped to different notes of your keyboard. Is that a solution?

I agree, this is how I do it normally but that leads to a load of cpu and gpu, I usually use a lot of photographs and videos so I had thought about this option, maybe later … thanks!

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Idea for a workaround: you could make a video of your images (quickly done in ableton’s arrangement view + ableton’s export) and then load it into 1 eSampler in slices mode (in the new version of course). There you can set slices for all the images. This in combination with the new freeze parameter will be worth to check out.


ok, thak you for the advise!

Sweet man :slight_smile:

you guys had time to look into implementing an eydropper yet?