Crashing and losing settings

Hi I’m having a couple issues with Ebosuite sessions. I seem to lose video every so often and the only way to get it back is to restart and reload my ableton session. Haven’t been able to get through a full performance without an issue yet.

The other issue is I find when I load a saved session slum isf settings change back to default which pretty frustrating because i went pretty in detailed with them.

How do I keep this from happening. I’ve tried on both ableton 10.1.14 and 10.1.1

I’d like to get this rock solid so I can use it at a gig.

HI Sprawlic,
I am sorry to hear about your issues. Can you help us understand and reproduce what is going on?
What do you mean with ‘losing video’?
And what crashes do you experience? (EboSuite or Ableton Live?)
Please send your crashreports to so that we can take a closer look.

The last thing you mention that isf settings return back to their default settings is also new to us. Do you have a reproducible situation? Is there any midi-mapping or automation involved?


I also have some issues with ISF eFX sometimes not reloading properly when I open a project or after a crash. I have to reload the specific ISF shader from the library in to the ISF device or click on the little refresh icon on the device to get it working again. Quite annoying and has put me off using them. Would be great to find out why this is happening.

Hi MNDMTH, together with Sprawlic we looked at his issues, but weren’t able to recreate them, so we thought it might have been an misunderstanding. But you are experiencing similar issues? That is interesting. Do you have a reproducable case, or does it happen randomly? The ISF plug-in is very versatile, so it would be a pitty if you can’t use it properly. Can you make a screenshot of the Max window when this issue happens? (to open the Max window right-click on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Show Max Window’, see below.)

I’ll do the screenshot. One thing I have experienced frequently (even before ISF shaders were added to Ebosuite) is that if Ebosuite crashes but Ableton is still running and you restart Ebosuite without quitting Ableton none of the eFX devices work/have any effect even though the eSampler and eClips still playback video. It always requires quitting Ableton and doing a full restart to get the eFX to work again.

I sometimes find that if I adjust an ISF parameter or load a different ISF shader while the project is playing I also get an EboSuite crash. When I relaunch Ebosuite none of the ISF eFX work (as described above). Again it requires restarting Ableton. In the most recent case of this I reset all the ISF shaders so the project was working again and resaved the Ableton project, but when I reopen it from scratch none of the ISF shaders are doing anything and I need to reset them all again.

My feeling is that this is usually related to an Ebosuite crash and it has happened to me throughout my time of using Ebosuite for the last couple of years. Sometimes after a crash the project just seems to have an error in it that can’t be fixed and I have to revert to an earlier backup of the project before the crash happened and rebuild it.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing crashes regularly. If you send us crash reports and a description of the situation in which the crash happened we can try to find out what causes them.

It is possible that eFX don’t work properly when EboSuite is restarted after a crash. That depends on the compexity of a set. On restart many messages are send from Ableton Live to the EboSuite application and we had to limit this to a certain extent to prevent other issues. We will have a look at this to make eFX work after a restart.

About the ISF shaders not working when resaving and reloading the project: does this happen when you quit and restart Ableton Live as well or only when you reload a project without restarting Ableton Live? Can you send a project that doesn’t work anymore? A crash shouldn’t corrupt a Live set, I can’t think of a case where that would happen, so I am curious what happened there.

May not be able to find older projects with the problem as I may not have saved them but I probably have a recent one. I’ll have a look and send it over if I find an example.