Copyright on isf files? Can I use them in videos?

Hello, I am new to ebosuite, it’s looking very cool! I’m curious about ifs files that I find online and the example files that come with the software. Can I legally use those in say music videos etc? Or are they copyrighted? Obviously I wouldn’t want to just find an ifs file and not change it at all and call it my work, but if I tweaked it a bunch with Ableton and ebosuite and then used it in the background of a video or something what’s the legality of that? Don’t want to accidentally use a cool ifs file in a music video then put it on YouTube and get a cease and desist.


Hi Stomblebot,
The shaders that come with the EboSuite installer are free of copyrights, so you can use them anyway you like. But ISF shaders downloaded from other websites have their own copyright and it depends on the creator how this copyright may be used. The eISF and eFX-ISF plug-ins have a ‘show code and credits’ button to open the shader code and see who created the shader (at the top of the shader code usually). Most shader developers allow you to use their code for non-commercial purposes, but it differs per shader and per country (copyright laws). In the US you have a bit more freedom than in Europe thanks to the Fair use doctrine.