Comper Clip Length

I’ve got a 2 bar warped loop in an eclip.
I make a new midi track and drag an esampler and a Comper into it. Drag my 2 bar clip into the sampler and then make a midi clip to trigger the sampler every two bars, set the esampler to play until next note and tick the warp box.
It plays back perfectly - exactly the same as the original loop in the eclip.

However when I use the comper to render the clip it makes a four bar loop and the warping is lost.

I guess comper doesn’t retain warping? And I’m not sure about the length?

Hi Gavspav, you are right, eComper doesnt retain warping. It uses the same length, but since warping is not taken into account the length compared to the warped clip will change.

The eComper does not actually ‘render’ a movie file, but rather ‘compile’ a movie file. Based on the order of MIDI notes in a MIDI clip it will copy/paste the video fragments assigned to those notes in the same order and save them as a new video file. This works great for ‘compiling’ video edits and video beats, because it is so fast and works so easy, but it has a downside: audio or video effects (also fading, ADSR, velocity and mixing) are not taken into account.
When you use effects on the sound, or different velocity settings, the best thing to do is to render the sound with Ableton’s audio export function and drag that audio into the ‘Drop audio to combine with video’ dropzone in the eComper’s interface. The eComper will then add this audio track to the video file that it compiles from the MIDI clip.