Collect All and Save - eSampler odd error response

Hi Timo & all.

Further to the Collect All and Save…

It is easy enough to relink the eSampler reference by clicking on the Hot-Swap button and selecting the instrument from the correct location, the EboSuite folder. However, once this has been done for one of the eSampler loaded in one of the pads in Drum Rack, all the other eSampler incidents loaded in the Drum Rack will also work fine, even though the Errors message will show with all of the ones not swapped with Hot-Swap.


HI Alex,

i’m trying to wrap my head around what you say:

  • this means that one of the eSamplers is in the user library and the rest is still local to the project due to collect all and save?
  • this might work a bit but I do not recommend it, e.g. an upgrade will give version conflicts.
  • did you try te eDecollect app that I sent you?, that would be the recommended way for now.



Hi Timo.

I’m not sure why its done this but for some reason it doesn’t need to load/link. Is it something in Live that recognises the Hot-Swap across all eSamplers loaded? I can see the would not be a problem then even if you did an upgrade.

Have you tried to do this? Do Collect all and Save and then do a Hot-Swap? Can you make it work?

eDecollect crashed Live twice. I did send you some details about that previously in response to trying it. I’m a bit reluctant to test it further as I’m just preparing for a performance using the suite and don’t want to risk any tech problems. It is worth noting that my Mac does have some crashing issues with Live at the moment so it may not be a good machine to test it on. I can try it on my Macbook later after the performances in about a month. Sorry!


HI Alex,

I haven’t tried the hot-swap method, but I’d be very cautious with it.
I’ll try to find out what is going on in that case.

I did not register any response from you about eDecollect. How did you send it to me?
Do you mean that a new .als file generated by eDecollect crashes live? I am very curious to find out what is going on here.



I replied to I can send the response again.

Hi Alex
It is better to use to email us. We don’t check our Gmail account that often and I forgot to redirect it, therefore I missed your email, sorry about that.