ClyphX Pro + Ebosuite Chopping up Clips

For all of you who are also into ClyphX Pro (

If you make a Audio Track with eClip and throw a Hap video in the first clip and
make a clyph x action in the track before for example ( [] SEL/CLIP chop 4 )

The selected clip gets chopped into the number of pieces you gave it. ( 4 in my case )
so it gives 3 extra clips with the length of the clip divided into 4 each starting at the next interval.

could be easy to chop up clips … I hope warp markers will be added in the near future for ClyphX Pro.

It would be a awesome feature in Ebosuite to chop up clips on warp markers.

Thanks for sharing. Slicing videos is definitely interesting to add.

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this looks great. i just bought clyphx pro recently.

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