Charlies Flat - Getting Warmer Dub

Hey All

Here is our first video made with ebosuite. Thanks to Jeroen and the team for this awesome software and for their quick and responsive support for all questions asked on this forum. I’ve learnt a lot from them and have been inspired by their work.

Background is ableton push pads drum rack triggering a chopped up drum break, with EFX on it. Rest of the elements are our first effort at green screen chromas. Having a bit of fun with it. Echo effects are just played in with midi.

We used IShowu to record the audio and video together. Strangely when using my audio interface with ebosuite CPU was at about 50-60%, when i switched to SWB audio for the screen/audio capture, CPU went down to 21% !! Not sure what is going on there.

anyway hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Super! Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing!

Nice one! Great! Sounds really good.