Catalina, ebosuite, conversion necessary?

I’m rebuilding my set and the videos are not cooperating. It used to be easy to just drop .mov files in and go. I’m wondering if Catalina has something to do with it. I have tried to open videos in VLC just to check if they are functioning, which they are.
Please point me in any direction to solve this issue

It should also work fine in Catalina, can you tell me what you are experiencing?
Is there any message from Ableton? or are they simply not playing?

Hey Timo! Thanks for answering back. There is no message from Ableton, they just won’t play. I’m now wondering, after reading through stuff in the forum, if its just my MBP is too old. I keep thinking its getting bottlenecked at the GPU, but not sure. Here’s the specs.
MBP 15" mid 2012. quad core i7 16GB ram NVIDIA GeforceGT 650M 1GB Intel HD graphics 4000 1536 MB

Yes, your computer is old, but it should be able to do something…
Ok, let’s take it step by step.
If you play the Basic demo that comes with the installer, does it work?

I updated to 1.71 but I cannot find the basic demo file. If I run the installer set it asks to replace my ebosuite folder

Ok found the file. Yes it does run, but the drummer clip is very glitchy (is it supposed to be, I can’t remember()

Hey Timo! So I did a little experiment. I ran some video and checked activity monitor to check the %GPU. it’s very little. Less than 40% combined activity. So guessing not that.

HI danbient,
Ok, so the basic video set works (I think the drummer might be intended as glitchy as you see it, but not completely sure). After that you said you ‘ran some video’, did it work in that case?
Does it work if you add the videos from the basic demo to a new live set?
What kind of videos (codec/resolution) do you try to play that do not work?
That’s a lot of questions, but I am trying to narrow down what might be going on on your side.

Timo. I have a video of me in ableton producing the problems. Where should I send it?

Can you send it to

I have sent you an email with a dropbox link. It was too big to send email.

Hi danbient, sorry, I didn’t receive your email, where did you send it to? please use

Timo. That is where I sent it. I will try again.

Hi Dan, I did find the second link, it was at the bottom of my spam folder.
I think there are couple of things going on, let’s take it step by step.

Some videos work fine, some don’t. In general I think it feels you are getting close to the limits of what your system can do (and yes, in my experience every new mac os update takes a bit away of your headroom what you can do).

These things are important for you to get the best out of it:

  • encode the files as hap
  • store them on an ssd internally (or with thunderbol/usb3 externally)
  • don’t go higher than 1080p (avoid 4k on your system!)
  • don’t warp the files extremely, in my experience the video playback gets bad if you go faster than 3 times the original speed (though for your system that limit might be different).

I also often see that you needed to save the warpmarkers, after saving it often started playing back fine and sometimes it didn’t. Perhaps it didn’t pick up the filechange in that case. Does it matter then if you first play another file and then try the ‘just saved’- one again?

Can you see a trend in the video’s that don’t play properly even after saving the warpmarkers and re-trying? and does it improve if they are transcoded to HAP-> 1080p and a framerate of 25fps?

Btw, that you need to save the warpmarkers first is due to a limitation in Live 9 and 10, this limitation has been lifted in Live 11, there it is not needed anymore.



Is there a way to batch process videos into HAP? I’ve never needed to convert anything until now, which really sucks and takes more time than it should.

everything else you described is already happening…internal SSD, no 4K videos, no extreme warping (just dropping them in and taking what happened was fine for awhile until now)

Hey Dan - I’ve been using AVF Batch Converter, which is free and works perfectly:

Welp alot of the video content I have is 4K, which the HAP converter kicks out as errors. Now what do I do?

Any of these help? Top 10 Free 4k Video Converters for Windows and Mac

HI Dan, is this still an issue? (I just got back from holidays)
can you send me an example 4k file? then I will take a look.
You can wetransfer it to
Do you try to only convert it to hap, or also downscale it?