Can't register EboSuite

Hi, I just downloaded the demo and was sent an activation code in the mail. I tried copying the code to the clipboard and launching your demo project and I always get an error saying

Waiting for valid code
Copy the license to your clipboard and make the EboSuite output window active (current clipboard does not contain a valid code)

The license code I have in my clipboard is as follows … not sure if we’re supposed to post them here, but I figure it’s ok since it’s just a demo license code?


I’m using Abelton Live 10 Suite 10.1.7


I have been in contact with SpaceAgente and for some reason his code works fine for me but there is a weird thing going on on his system where it can’t determine the end date of the demo license.
The buy license worked fine.

If anybody has a similar issue please shoot me a message, or mail to