Canon Webcam Utility

Hi! Is there anyone able to get Canon Webcam Utility working? Mac Mojave 10.14.6, Ableton 10.41, Ebo 1.71, Canon Rebel sl3 ~~ Thanks

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 3.15.45 PM

Hi Jafala,
thanks for your question.
Can you first try to see if you can get a proper input image if you try it in another program? (e.g. quicktime) It seems that EboSuite connects properly but there is no video feed streaming (the text and camera graphic you see are not generated by EboSuite, but by the EOS Webcam Utility).

Btw, this might be an alternative option to try in combination with eSyphonIn : Blair Neal | Canon2Syphon v1.6 (I haven’t tested it myself)

Thanks Timo! You were right: EOS Webcam Utility wasn’t reliable with other apps either. Though I wasn’t able to get Blair Neal’s app working, I was able to get working with Syphon In. Yaya!

Curious what setup people use when streaming via OBS. Seems like I can set it up with a different monitor (sending the Ebo full screen there to “Display Capture”), an app window (Window Capture in OBS), or Syphon Out from the master Track on the Live Set. There’s probably more options as well! Before I explore the best for me, does anyone have any preferences, OBS CPU wise in particular?