Can you capture Desktop in eVideoin?

I want to capture Desktop using EboSuite.
eVideoin does not seem to recognize desktop capture such as ManyCam, CamTwist.
Is there the method to enable?

Hi @ugtk, thanks for using EboSuite.

Currently that is not possible to do using only EboSuite.

We’ll add a feature request to our internal system to see if we can add it at some point in the future.

I’m curious if there is a Screen Capture to Syphon app somewhere. There used to be a Quartz plugin with this functionality but I’m not sure if it’s still maintained.


Hi! I am currently using this app (10 dollars): This domain name is registered with Netim
I am really happy with it. you can switch between syphon and NDI output.

There is a free trial, so you can check if it works well on your system before purchasing it.
I hope it helps! Have a great week everyone!


Thank You!
I was able to do it.

Hi, thanks for the tip!