Camera Input possible?

hello, could you create a module for live-camera in? even in low frame rate … would be great… best, alfred

That will be amazing. A device you can apply fxs and mix in the ouput.

Yes, that is something we are looking into and will add for sure. We haven’t planned this feature yet, but it is on our shortlist.

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i reed somewhere you are testing the camera input. how is it going? do you have a time plan for that?
would be great!

Hi Abanze, yes, we are working on that right now and we have made a lot of progess. It will be part of the next update (so will be a Syphon-in plugin and blend modes and more). We aim to release that in the beginning of January.

Hi, the release is delayed and will probably be at the end of January.

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ok… but i wait for this!!!

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