Bug? Live 11 Ebo 1.72 - time stretch audio in arrange :(

Im having an issue in live 11 - when i load an ebosuite plugin, im having the following issue:

time stretching of audio does not work in arrange view. see video. if i load up a new session and stretch audio, it works as expected. when i load an ebosuite plugin, i get the issue seen in the video. Audio file either slips back to its original size or if the file is actually longer it just shows more of the file rather than stretching it.

if i remove the ebosuite plugin (tried it with eclip) then everything goes back to working as expected. I logged this bug on centrecode and they said it is a known issue linked to max for live.

seems like it was introduced in live 11?

i just submitted bug report to ableton. i made a video showing the issue with the ebosuite device.

here is conversation on centrecode. devs on there had some suggestions on what might be the issue

Hey guys it would be good to get a comment on this

Hi me again. I submitted a tech support request with Ableton and they said to notify you that this is an issue directly related to Ebosuite.

Hi @clay, sorry for the late reply.
@Timo can elaborate more on this, but I think eClips didn’t work in Session View because Ableton didn’t provide enough info until version 11(that’s why they initially said it is a m4l bug).
We are currently working on an update that will add support for clips in the session view, but meanwhile you could fiddle with eSampler/eSimpler to trigger the videos.