Bug? - drum rack renames cells with esimpler

i have one cell in a drum rack with an esimpler/simpler - i name the cell

  • i copy this cell to a new cell so i can make a different video chop - when i copy the cell to the new cell, the new cell and previous cell renames to the name of the movie file.

ebosuite isnt consistently doing this but it has happened to me multiple times eg: i name six cells and when i copy the 6th cell to the 7th, ebosuite renames all the previous cells with their movie file names. I am trying to midi trigger so its important to me to have them named as i am doing video chops of the same movie file. Maybe this has something to do with the bug? Saying that i have a few movie files in one drum rack, all being chopped up.

is this happening to anyone else? Here is a video of the issue - ebosuite drum rack rename cells bug

Hi clay,
I will look into this and try to reproduce what you do here, I cannot check your video though since it is private, can you make it unlisted?

Hi Timo. yes sorry about that. i have made the video unlisted so you can see the issue. hope this helps. let me know if i can provide any further info on it.

Hi Clay, Thanks for the video. This is how it is intended to work, the cell automatically gets the name of the loaded file and overrides the names the user has been given, sorry for that. We will put it on our feature request list to consider making this more flexible in the future.

Hey Timo, thanks for getting back to me. For me, thats fine for the current cell im working on but ebosuite is renaming all the other cells too which i have named previously. Is that the intended behaviour? It would be great if it only renamed the current cell being copied or when a sample is dragged to the simpler etc…but leave the other cells in the drum rack alone :grinning:

its a small issue though. really loving ebosuite and what you guys have done, its amazing.

They all receive internally a message that there has been a change, so they all apply it again, sorry. And it is also applied on startup, so if we do it like you propose your changes are gone after a restart. We really need to rethink this at some point to allow what you want.