Black lines on top/bottom in video?

Is there a way to not have them ? ( also when recording in Syphon).

Maybe Im doing something wrong.

Hi Franky,
When you add eSyphon to an individual video track, the output of eSyphon will have the same dimensions/size as the source video. So if the black bars are not in the source video they will not be there in the syphon stream.
When you add eSyphon to the master, it’s output will have the same dimensions/size as the output window. If the dimensions (width/heigth) of the output window doesnt match the dimensions of the source video, you will see black bars. Currently you can select just a few output window dimensions/sizes form the presets menu. It looks like your source video doesnt match one of these settings. The next update (will be released very soon, probably within two weeks) will add the eOutput plug-in that gives you more control over the output window. With that plug-in you can set the output window’s dimensions/size to match the dimensions/size of the video, to prevent black bars.
Other ways to cut of black bars is using the Crop eFX or to use the scale controllers of eTrackTransform, but I think those options are not useful in your case.
The best thing is to wait for the release of the eOutput plug-in, we will release it a.s.a.p. Do you have a deadline? If needed we can send you the working prototype, so you can use it sooner. Just send us an email at

OK thanks for the follow up Jeroen.
Ill try to match the my source material to make it work
I already noticed that what you send out from ESyphon was a copy to SyphonRecorder by choosing different dimensions in Ebosuite.

Jeroen … I double checked and resaved the Video hap file 1280 x 720 ( original file is also 1280x720) and also the same 1280x720 window resolution in EboSuite but the the black bars stay the same…

Hi Franky, sorry for my late reply. When I try this I have no black bars. Can you send me your video file, so I can give that a try?

Jeroen … I think I found it … the original file is 1280x720 but contains the black bars … the visual movie file is not 1280x720 format its probably 16:9 inside 1280x720 … I’m sorry … I work inside Live with Ebo with the HAP conversions so I didn’t go back to the original file because I thought it was without black bars.

The best way to get full image will be eTracktransform/scale.
I can cut it out in Imovie but im loosing the sides of the image which is a bummer … since the image looks cooler at large view… Im not sure if there are apps that could re-cut/convert movie files like that?

Ah ok, glad you found out what is happening.
Most video edit/compositing applications (Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut etc.) are able to export video in any resolution, also in cinematic wide screen. But when you publish your video, most people will watch it with a 16x9 player or on a 16x9 screen, so the bars will be back then. When you use the video for a performance you’ll have the same problem, because most video projectors will not support cinematic wide screen.

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