Bit stuck - eclips to esampler?


im putting together a stevie wonder video that is cutting together a stack of live videos of a song mixed over an edit that ive done.

im warping all the stevie live clips so they are in time as each live video is at a different tempo, then looping em all up in eclips. in some cases the start point for the loop isnt at the beginning of the clip eg start on beat 4 then loop around.

i would be happy to make the video with just eclips but with ableton limitations we cant record eclips into arrange view so im having to move these eclips into esamplers. thats where the challenges start.

i cant work out how to loop and warp in esampler. my eclip loops in esampler drift out of time very quickly. is this actually possible in ebosuite - to warp and loop? i have tried just retriggering the warped esampler clip but it doesnt seem as smooth as looping an eclip. also if im trying to do this as a performance, i dont want to have to keep retriggering the clip.

another challenge is start points, esampler doesnt seem to let me have the start point inside the loop - eg in the middle or towards the end. the start point seems to only be able to be at the start of the loop or before the loop.

any advice appreciated. maybe i need to think about this in a different way?

hi Clay,

first the actual questions:

  • no you cannot loop and warp at the same time (warp is greyed out as soon as you turn on looping)
  • no you cannot set the loop start in the loop

These limitations have to do with with the audio playback object we use, this is a max object which has a few quirks and limitations, we plan to add support for different playback methods (our own engines) in the future which are more flexible.

And yes, we also would like to have more control over the arrangement view. (It doesn’t hurt to send Ableton an email expressing your interest in this as well.)

One workaround you could do is to trigger clips with midi notes. I have made a device that makes this possible that you can download here: PlayClips.amxd
(please not that you also need proper quantization settings for this to work as expected,I recommend you set the global quantization to ‘none’)

Another thing you could do is export each warped clip individually using Live’s own video engine.

Both are not ideal, I know, but we will try to improve this in the future (and let’s hope Ableton gives us the access to everything so that this will not be an issue at all)


Hi Timo

thanks for getting back to me on this and for the workarounds. i will definitely give playclips a go!! also i think just midi re-triggering a warped esampler cell is probably ok for this video for some of the loops.

now that im down this track using warped clips i need to try and finish this video!

cheers - ebosuite is an amazing piece of software :grinning:

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“Another thing you could do is export each warped clip individually using Live’s own video engine.”

How would you do that and what will it include?

Hi DJZombot, to do so drag your clip on an audio track in the Arrangement View (this will open Live’s standard video window) and edit it’s Warp markers. Then select the range of time of the clip on the timeline and export the audio and video using Live’s Export Audio/Video command (under ‘File’ in the main menu, or press Shift-Command-R). This will create a new video ciip that is warped according to your Warp settings. To learn more about exporting in Live and the available settings see Live’s manual, chapter 5.2.3.

Sorry, and thanks. I thought you maybe mean’t there was a way to export from clips view which I see I misunderstood.