Best way to record composition on Mac in 2022 (1920/1080 issue)

Whats the best way these days to record a composition on a Mac?

Syphon recorder seems to have gone away

NDI Virtual Interface only supports up to 720p on a Mac. (I tried recording it into Camtasia)


Hi Ken,
The Syphon Recorder download is temporarily offline from the Syphon website (not sure why).
In the meantime, here’s the current release:

This is the section in the manual about recording a composition:

Usually I play my composition at 50% of the tempo during recording and then speed the recording up 200% (in a video editor or in Live on an Audio track and export audio&video). This makes the animation smoother, especially when there are many videos and effects used at the same time. Make sure to warp the videos in this case. Note that random parameters or parameters triggered by an LFO or envelope will look different, so you’ll need to pay some extra attention to that.


Thanks Jeroen!! I was just looking for Syphon as my installed version is gone now.

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