Best way to have a big live ebosuite set

Hi, I’m working to integrate Ebosuite on my live show.

How is the best way to use, I want to have maybe 40-50 pictures on 2 different tracks and two more tracks to use videos with fx.

Is a problem to have the samplers turned off and only manage to turn on the drumrack with the sampler I want to use? I can manage it with clyphx pro so easy but don’t know if it make more inestable the ebosuite app.

And another question, you can make your own “presets” just dropping it on the ebosuite folder right?

@Timo any advance here?

Hi alespardo,
I don’t completely understand what you are saying.

Are you trying to use 40/50 images, not videos?
I would recommend to use eSimpler’s in a drumrack for this.

Don’t disable eSamplers/eSimplers. We try to prevent this since weird things can happen with parameter values of max for live devices when you do this.
Is that where you use Clyphx for or is it for something else?

Yes you can make presets, in a directory of your choosing in the ableton browser (there are already some presets included)

I hope this helps, but I am not completely sure what else you want/need.

Yes I use pictures on 2 tracks. Will try with esimpler then.

Yes I normally use clyphx pro to turn on and off devices with a clip, saves a lot of cpu but if you say is bad for ebosuite then will try the esimpler and not esampler.

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