Best settings for HAP with Alpha in After Effects?

Hey guys

Still loving Ebosuite. Currently using it to put finishing touches on a project I had underway and looking forward to new things. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on best practices for HAP renders with alpha out of After Effects? I downloaded the codecs and there are a few choices when rendering. Figured I’d ask before I started a trial and error session.

Willie E

Hi Willie
I usually use the settings as shown below. Is that the info you are looking for?

As you can see I set Color to Straight (Unmatted). This to prevent noisy edges of your alpha channel.
When selecting Hap Alpha I set quality to somewhere between 60% and 100%, to manage file size (when using lengthy videos it might be practical to use a slightly lower quality).
Usually I resize my videos to a smaller size for better performance (960x540 in this case). EboSuite has no limit to image size, but if you like to trigger fast and trigger multiple videos at once, then it might be better to make your videos smaller. That also depends on the power of your CPU ofcourse, so you should check what works best in your situation.

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Okay cool thanks! Will try this first :+1:t5: