Behaviour of eTrackTransform in Drum Rack

Hi all. Total NOOB here trying out the demo. I’m trying to build a set of visuals to run alongside my DJ set (running Rekordbox on a separate computer and syncing Live to Ableton Link).

I’m trying out using eSamplers in a drum rack, and wondering about the behaviour of eTrackTransform in this situation. Currently I’ve got two slots filled with eSamplers in the drum rack, each with a separate clip loaded. I’ve got eTrackTransform immediately after the eSampler in the first slot to position the clip I’m going to play. However, the transform settings also apply to the second slot, which has a different clip. Is this expected behaviour? To confirm, eTrackTransform is placed within the slot of the first clip, immediately after the eSampler. I’d have expected eTrackTransform to only affect the output of that eSampler in this instance.

My goal is to have a drum rack with a bunch of eSamplers, each of which will play a clip that comes up in a different place on the screen.

Many thanks and apologies for the noobishness

Hi Scissorkicks, welcome! The eTrackTransform plug-in works on the whole track. Currently it is not possible to have more than one eTrackTransform plug-in on a track. To make eSamplers appear on different places on the screen, you’ll need to put them on different tracks. Set the same MIDI input for all tracks to use one MIDI source to trigger them (each responding to a diferent MIDI note). If you want to use many visuals, I advice to use eSimplers to keep your project light (load faster).

Thanks Jeroen - I understand now. Many thanks!

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