Beat repeats and stutters

in my ableton set i do a lot of live cutting of audio samples, stutters, beat repeats and delays. I tried to put a beat repeat on an eclip but this didnt work for me as im assuming the fx has to work on the actual clip for ebosuite so i then tried an isotonik looper. this worked pretty well. some others may want to try it out for realtime looping and stuttering of video.

this is fun but i would still like to be able to use beat repeat because its easier to use with push2. does anyone know a way to use it with ebosuite?

Hi Clay, thanks for sharing!
We will discuss how we can support beat repeat better. I’ll keep you posted!

here is a test using isotonik looper to stutter. it doesnt have all the functions of beat repeat though.

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Beat repeat is audio driven output … so to make that action happen in ebosuite will depend on something like M4L devices like enveloppe follower or anything similar.
anything midi driven is possible in ebosuite.

yeah the isotonik looper works but it has limited divisions to play with, only divisions of 2. Bascially anything that actually changes the eclips playhead or loop brace seems to work for ebosuite. unfortunately beat repeat doesnt do that :frowning:

Try these:

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thanks for the tip. i will check them out. i was having a look at a vid of drum articulate the other day and wondering how it would go with ebosuite.