Basic issue with getting EboSuite 2 to open


I have just updated to EboSuite 2, installation went as expected and the demo project worked fine.

Now I open a new project, drop an eSession or eArrangement device onto a Session or Arrangement audio track, and the eboSuite app doesn’t open.

Not sure what to do here. If I put a video onto the track and try to play it, I get the familiar “click here to restart the EboSuite app” message in the device – but when I click on it nothing happens.

Must be something super simple I’m overlooking…?

Macbook Pro 15", 2017
MacOS Big Sur 11.6.2
Ableton Live Suite 11.1.5

hi Chris, sorry to hear about your issue.
What is printed in the max for live window? (right click on a device title and select ‘open max window’).
Where is your user library located?
It could also be related to the file access rights that you have granted Ableton, please check in Security&Privacy under Files and Folders what rights Ableton has (and consider adding ableton to the ‘Full Disk Access’ if the problem persists, this also depends on the location of your user library).
Additionally you can try running the app manually for the first time and see if that helps (to make the app visible in EboSuite directory you can use the keys CMD+SHIFT+.)
Let me know how it goes and what you find!

Hello Timo – granting Ableton “full disk access” resolved my problem. Everything works fine now. Thank you!!