Av track - idea

the “av” track -
has the ability to convert to hap upon dragging file in
has the ability to set to audio and video and or audio only
can capture video from a specified input .

its pretty much the tools you guys have . but to encompass all of the utility * features / devices into a single “av” (that mimics the ableton track layout ) . so you don’t have to drag a device for each task . the “av” track has the ability to do these things standard.

then you can work on building separate fx devices that can be dropped in separately . and automation crazyness and whatever else is up your sleeves

its just an even tighter way to integrate with the live environment.

and if its possible in live you can go to “insert” create “av” track

so far its been great fun!

HI tunnelsurf,

This is a cool idea, but this requires much more changes to the way Ableton Live works than what is currently opened up to 3rd party developers. We hope to sit with Ableton in the near future and discuss the possibilities.