Automation. Fades. Effects. Recorder

Hi all.

I’ve had some time to start using EboSuite it is very useable and I’m already preparing it for a live performance in March.

I would love to see the following:

Automated control of Live crossfader - For my purposes, I run looped videos that can continue to run allowing for smooth transitions. I use cross fades to change from one video to the other. To automate this, from within a MIDI track (using the control’s envelope), I’m having to use Max Api ADial as this is currently the only way to control the crossfader from a MIDI track. Implementing this directly from EboSuite would be really useful.

Looped videos in eSampler: The eSampler is great and very useful, particularly for snappy switches between videos. I would love to be able to loop the videos in eSampler as this would allow me to continue playing them.

A range of effects: Currently, I prepare all video in Final Cut (looping, adding effects etc.) then use the excellent eConvert to convert those videos to HAP. It would be fantastic to have some very basic effects to start with - the eCrossfade has some really useful effects and being able to apply these to individual eClips/eSampler tracks would make it possible to improvise a lot more.

Record output - video + audio: Recording video and audio output together would be great to have available. I have been able to record Syphon with eSypone in the master track and Syphon Recorder - but so far only the combined video output without audio.

Many thanks for your work. I look forward to all your future developments an I’m always happy to test and feedback.


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Hi! Nice and useful features!

I think I can help you with the “Record output”.
I use this method of routing with soundflower:

(download link )

I hope it helps!

Carlos Abeijon

Hi Carlos. Thanks for that. I was aware of soundflower and your tutorial is very helpful for doing this. It would, however, make sense to be able to do all of it in EboSuite. For a start, reducing the number of additional tools required to make video work in Live is the strength of EboSuite.

Hi Phonsonic,

thanks for your feedback and suggestions

Automated control of Live crossfader
Yes, you can only automate it in the arrangement now, which is limiting in a live situation. We should find a good solution for this (perhaps as m4l help device?)

Looped videos in eSampler
That’s on our list as well, along with much more eSampler additions, we might even split it into the basic eSampler and a more complex pro version

A range of effects
Definitely high on our list as well. We already developed a lot of effects for prototype projects before EboSuite that we try to port soon and build from there.

Record output - video + audio
Yes, a device that will facilitate simultaneous realtime recording of the audio and video is on our list as well (along with non realtime rendering, but that is a tougher nut to crack).

Concluding: all of your requests/suggestions align with our own ideas as well, we will do our best to realise them soon, but I cannot make any promises right now

Thanks Timo. Looking forward to how it all develops. I can only imagine how much work goes into this so will fully appreciate the time required!

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Yes, indeed! It would be awesome to do it directly in ableton :slight_smile:

+1 for this especially looping videos .
currently in eclips mode and there seems to be black for each trigger before the video starts so looping seemlessly is not possible.

unless im doing something wrong.

Hi Tunnelsurf,

The black space happens if you don’t save the Clip (Clip View, Sample Box) straight after you’ve clicked the Loop button. Be careful not to increase the loop length as this will create a blank space. If you’ve created a seamless looping video, you also have to make sure you don’t shorten the loop else the loop will jump and miss out part of the video.

Hope that’s all correct… I’m sure Timo will respond if I’m not!


HI @phonsonic and @tunnelsurf,

I’m not completely sure what you guys mean.
When do you see black frames?
I have smoothly looping video here in my tests.

I know of 2 situations with non smooth playback:

  • if the video is looped and the start of the loop is not the same as the startmarker you will see a small glitch at the start
    reason: it takes time to seek a video, each video has a built in buffer, usually this is the startmarker, and for looped videos this is the loop start to ensure smooth looping, however in the aforementioned case the startmarker is not prebuffered,
    solutions: make the starmarker the same as loopstart if possible. For the future we plan to add a second buffer to prevent this glitch, and there is also a loadram function coming up which might help here.

  • if you change the loop start or loop end while playing
    reason: You can already see in Ableton Live that when you do this the position jumps some time after this. This is not something we can prepare for, we have to rely on the position of the jump that Ableton communicates and that is unfortunately not the highest quality data stream.
    solutions: not much I am afraid, I think the loadram function that I already mentioned can help here as well. Perhaps we can also try out an option where the video catches up when it is ready to do so (at the cost of a short out of sync moment)

Are these the situations you talk about? Or am I on a different wavelength perhaps?

@phonsonic I am not sure what you experience when pressing the save button. This should only be relevant if you have changed the position of warpmarkers. The loopstart and -end are communicated directly when you change them.

thanks for the tips , i noticed that hitting save did solve the problem.
i am going to try with another project.

seem when using eclips . if i drag a video in it will play
if i hit warp - it throws me to the warnings view and says
:warping is on but warpmarkers could not be found. save them first to use them.

flip back to the video clip - click save next to the reverse button.
and then video seems to warp and loop as it should

is this the correct procedure as of now? or am i missing something causing me to have to save. thanks

Yes, that is the correct procedure. But you only have to press save once (if you did not change the warpmarkers).
So next time you will drag in the same video it should work directly since the .asd file already exists with the warpmarkers.

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