Automatically mixing different sources

Hello! Ive just bought Ebosuite and must say it is amazing.

I am stuck trying to figure out how to use it to automatically mix my 4 camera setup. I was doing this in OBS with automatic scene changes (using Advanced Scen Changer). However I want to do this in Ebosuit as this way I can add the same effect to all cameras. Basically, I want the sources to just change randomly after a certain amount of time, but not in a robotic fashion, as if someone where doing it manually. 10 seconds here, 12 there, etc… . Ive tried doing it whilst loading eVideoin.amxd into 4 different tracks and playing with the launch modes and volume automations in clips, but it is really hard to program this way. I was wondering if someone had another idea as to how to make this work. Will really appreciate any input you may have. Thanks!

I must add that trying to do this with a 4X eSampler is impossible as you cannot have more than one eVideoin pero track…

A follow up question…
If I have 4-5 tracks, each with their on eVideoin, and I wang to add an effect chain to just those tracks, how would you do that?. I grouped them and added an effect to the group, but apparently that does nothing. I did add an effect to the Master Out, however there are other video sources I would like to add that need different effect treatments.
Thanks again!

So I wandered myself with the first question, the solution was to create a Midi track, and load one FaderMap M4L device for each camera track (5 in total in my case), map each one to the track volume faders, and then create different clips with each volume automised so that when each clip is playing a different camera will show. Then program the clip follow actions so as to randomise. This has the added bonus of camera changing on the beat, which is cool. I still need to find out how to add effects chains to just those camera tracks, and have different effect chains for other visuals. If someone has the anwser to this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

I’m pretty new to ebosuite too but here are some ideas:

  • have the same efx chain on each track with the same settings. If you want them all to change at the same time you could use the same midi mapping cc for the same parameter on each track. one knob controls an efx parameter on all tracks.
  • for switching randomly you could try a midi LFO on each track and map it to the on button or enable stream button for each video in? then you could get some switching that will always change between the cameras
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