Attaching silent Video/Gifs to existing audio samples and Drum Kit MIDI

I’m working on an audio-visual project. My project partner has chosen a bunch of silent videos clips & GIFs to be triggered with sound via MIDI keyboard. You press a piano key on the hardware and the screen flashes a GIF while the audio sample launches on beat.

I already have a ton of audio samples, melodies and drums made previously in Ableton 10 Session view.

MY QUESTION: (For example) How do I attach video/GIF of Sailor Moon transforming with no sound to a warped sample of Janet Jackson saying “ahhhh” ??

Also- when I drag a GIF onto MIDI, the image flickers with the beat composition, but I don’t hear the 808 drum kit, I just see the gif flashing to my 4 to the floor beat on the image screen.

Does this mean I have to export all my samples, attach them to the appropriate visual in iMovie/Premiere Pro, then import and re-warp everything?? I think I’m missing something here, but someone please help!!

Hi Taylor, I sent you a mail and a Google Hang Out invitation to show you some options to do this. Plus, we are working on two great updates that will make this even easier: we are adding the option to load in different audio and video files in the eSampler separately, that will make it easy to add any video file to any audio file in the eSampler and treat them as one AV sample. And we are adding a new device: the eSimpler, that will transform Ableton’s Simpler into a basic video sampler.


re esampler update…this would be awesome! im needing to do this a lot as you guys have seen with some of my accapella work. it would be better to have the video and the audio in the same file rather than having multiple grouped tracks or as Taylor said, exporting the audio and video out and compiling it in another program.