Are there any video tutorials or how to guides?

I’m doing a trial and can’t figure out how to get video or images to play in Live

Hi Christopher, you’ll find the and the manual and quickstartguide here:
And if needed I will help you to get started. Just drop your questions here at the forum and I will answer them. We are working on video tutorials. I hope we can put the first ones up next week.

Did you happen to get around to any basic tutorials on how to set this up? I have downloaded the demo and am trying to decide whether or not to purchase. Just like a 10 minute set up/different ideas for setups tutorial would be awesome. Thanks a ton, love that I could be able to do all video and audio in Ableton, a real game changer.

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Hi Thegophoto, we have been working on video tutorials and I hope we can publish the first batch of tutorials soon. Mail us at if you have questions setting up, we are happy to get you started. Cheers.

We uploaded the first batch of video tutorials this week. Find them here and here. We will add new tutorials frequently. Let us know when you have requests for specific tutorials!