Anything I add works once and then never again

I have started some very basic projects. One using eSession and some clips and one using eSimpler.
I am running MacBook Pro 32gb Ventura 13.4, Ableton 11.3.2 and EboSuite 2.1.
Example one - Live track with eSession playing Mov clips with no audio. Things are fine at first but if I make the slightest change such as adding a new empty track all visuals stop the clip will keep playing but nothing shows on EboSuite window.
Exmaple Two - Using Simpler. With short Mov (with audio) exactly the same as above everything works I make one change and then never again.
I tried adding a track to the demo and it works. I save it as a new version and start to make changes and it stops working.
In all cases once I close the session and reopen it even without saving, nothing works again on reopening.

Hi Eternity_Bleeps, what video codec are you using? We have seen this behaviour with h264 videos. H264 is very compressed and therefore demands a lot from the CPU to decompress and play in real time which can cause unreliable playback. We strongly advice to use the Hap or ProRes video codec. Files are larger, but have much better performance, because they are much less compressed and use hardware acceleration. Use the eConvert plug-in or AVF batch converter to convert your videos to Hap or ProRes. You can read more about that in the manual:

That has sorted it! Thanks so much

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