Any way to use different settings of eTrackTransform in the same track?

Hi guys! I’m trying Ebosuite and I tried to use different settings of scale and position for each visual in a drum rack, but it seems that I can use just one instance of the plugin for the track - same settings for all visual samples. Any ideia or sugestions? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Heya! So they only let you use one instance of eTrackTransform, which is a drag. Depending on your needs, you might try adding an eFX-ISF. Some of those FX shaders (I forget which, I’m on my phone) have some Transform-like parameters that might solve your problem, and you CAN use multiple instances of eFX-ISF. Happy hunting, hope that helps.

Hi gabs, if you put the eTrackTransform plug-in into an Audio Effect Rack and map the parameters to Macros, you can use snapshots to store different parameter settings. Use the Smooth Automator plug-in from KBDevices to trigger the snapshots.

This way you can use different eTrackTransform settings for different videos on a track. I hope that is helpful.

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