Alpha in sampler?

Hey guys

Not sure if this is a tech question or a feature request? So, I have a drum rack set up with eSamplers in it.

I pull a HAP Q Alpha clip (lets say a drumstick slapping the screen) into the session on a track with eClip > warp > save > clip still has alpha channel > drag into eSampler in drum rack > clip no longer has alpha channel.

Am I doing something wrong here? And if I’m not, a feature request would be support for alpha in the esampler.

ALSO, would a workaround be making my visual drum kit with green background and keying with the eKey (not looking at Ableton currently so I may be butchering device names sorry :slight_smile: )

Hi Willie, eSampler supports alpha, so something is going wrong here. Hap Q is not supported though, can you try with an Hap Alpha video? Should work. Might be the cause. If not, please download the demo pack and try the Hap Alpha videos from the pack. Interesting to see what happens then. Looking forward to the results. Cheers!

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Fixed!!! Got so caught up in moving on to the next thing I forgot to come back to update my apologies :slight_smile:

Thanks as always

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