After effects export to HAP


Is there any other solution possible to export video’s directly to HAP from Aftereffects other then buying the aftecodecs plugin on AEscripts? (wich is quite expensive) I was hoping on a faster solution to export from AE to HAP then this conversion method with the eConvert plugin.
Another thing that i experience is that there is no alpha channel in the HAP coded video. After export to ProRes 4444 (with alpha) and converting it with the eConvert plugin the background is black and it does not have alpha.

any tips are most welcome

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Hi Nils, Unfortunately it is not possible to export videos directly to Hap within After Effects. The ‘AVF batch converter’ is also a very useful application to convert video to Hap (it’s free).
You should be able to convert videos with alpha to Hap with the eConvert plug-in. It works seamless on our systems. Make sure to enable ‘Support alpha channel’. Is that what caused your issue?


I see, i missed that step. I presumed it would convert alpha on default when an alpha channel is present in the clip.


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