Advice for warping multiple clips in eSimpler+Simpler's

Anyone have any ideas for how I can warp two video clips by the same relative amount? The reason I can’t just warp the whole video is because it’s a 30min VHS and I’m taking one clip near the beginning, and one near the end. A 30min HAP recording would be quite taxing to work with.

Here’s the context:

  • I have two tracks, each with an eSimpler+Simpler
  • I have two different video recordings from the same source VHS; one in each eSimpler.
  • Both clips have the same original BPM
  • Each clips is a different length.

What I want:

  • My mental model is I want to increase the speed of each clip by 50%. Since they are both the same original BPM, if I increase both by the same relative amount they will still say in sync with each other.
  • In Ableton terms, I believe this means warping these clips from the same original BPM to the same new BPM (set via the master tempo)

The problem:

  • Simpler warping is more limited than Audio Track warping. In an Audio Track, you can simply enter the original BPM.
  • In a Simpler, you must have a clip that is a precise multiple of 2, 4 or 8 bars
  • the video’s I’m using arent necessarily rhythmic, nor in 4/4, so it’s very hard to gauge their length in beats or bars

Hi Elan,
sorry for the delay in answering.
First, let’s try to figure out what you want and what is the issue. I still have a few questions to figure out what you mean.

  • When you mean warping by the same amount do you mean changing speed? Or do you mean setting warpmarkers at the same positions?
  • How are the files you use related? Are they multitrack recordings of the same jam or something like that? Do they have a changing tempo?
  • do you use the sound as well? should the sound remain the same pitch?


Hey Timo,

  1. I meant changing speed of 2 clips by the same relative amount. Both clips have the same original speed, and I want both clips to have the same new speed.
  2. The recordings are two segments from the same movie. They are two renditions of the same song, at the same tempo. That’s why I want to change the speed on both by the same relative amount, to keep them in sync with each other. So I would say they are multitrack recordings of the same jam, and no they dont change tempo.
  3. yes the sound is equally as important as the video. Its ok if pitch changes as long as I have a fine-tuned control (so I can bring it into precise tune with synths and other audio samples from other sources)

After posting, I see that the eSampler does seem to have a Speed control that works in the way I envisioned (relative instead of absolute). I think this would solve my problem of “adjusting the speed of two different clips from the same source material to the same final speed”

HOWEVER, there are some major drawbacks using Slice mode in the eSampler compared to the excellent Simpler slice mode, which make it very difficult to use for my workflow. I will post another thread detailing those drawbacks between the Simpler and eSampler slice modes.

Hi Elan,
I think you can do what you want by simply changing the playback speed of the sample in eSampler?
You can choose various tuning/stretching modes to let the sound do what you want as well. I don’t think you need slices to do that. Is the control finetuned enough for you?

Alternatively you can do it with warping: simply warp the video for a certain tempo (1 warpmarker is enough, it does not have to be the ‘musical tempo’ of the clip), load it in the eSampler, turn on warping, set the tempo of the song the way you want it and it should follow the change (or change the speed parameter of the eSampler as an other option).

If the issue is the big HAP file you can do it two ways:

  • load the h264 (presumably) in Live and cut the two parts you want as clips, then use eConvert to convert the clips with the ‘crop to clip/start end option’ on to Hap
  • then set the origin tempo the way you want with 1 warpmarker (same tempo for the two clips),
  • then load it in two eSamplers

The other way:

  • load the h264 (presumably) in Live and cut the two parts you want as clips
  • set the origin tempo the way you want with 1 warpmarker (same tempo for the two files)
  • then load it in two eSamplers
  • then convert the file inside the eSamplers to HAP

BTW, another thing about warping: you can not edit the warpmarkers in the simpler or the eSampler, you should edit them in the clips before you drag the clips into them

Yes, the slice mode of the eSampler is limited, but we also support slicing with the eSimpler+ simpler combo, so I think that might be a solution for you?

I hope everything is clear
let me know how it goes


Thanks Timo! Is there a way to create all my slices in Simpler/eSimpler and then “import” all those slice markers into an eSampler? or maybe another way to think about it is “converting” a Simpler/eSimpler combo to an eSampler (and retaining the slice markers)

Hi Elan,
Currently there is no way to do as you describe.
Can you explain to me why you would like to do this in your use case?