Adjustment Layer?

I would love to know if we could use a blank track, maybe like a dummy video clip, with just FX on the track to effect whatever other video is playing. Much like an adjustment layer on Resolume or After Effect and such.

Hi John
This is not possible (yet). At this point you can use effects on a track with a video source or on the master track (so they will be applied on all tracks together) or you can send the output of a track to another track with the eSyphonOut (send) and eSyphonIn (receive) plug-ins. This way you can send the output of a video track to multiple tracks and add different effects to these layers and combine them using blend modes or just by mixing them. We are expanding the way you can mix video in EboSuite right now, so in future updates we’ll add more possibilities to apply effects and mix video. Cheers.