Accidentally updated Adobe Media Encoder

…and all of my codecs I use for vid choppin’ are gone. Saw that Adobe stopped supporting HAP? Anyone know a workaround? Building my first set for a live show using only Ebo btw. Excited.

Also, I feel like I read somewhere that you guys would be supporting other codecs soon? Is that coming or already here?

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From Adobe: “Loss of HAP support was an unfortunate side effect of removing deprecated 32bit components. We’re going to find a solution.”

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Yes we are working on multiple codec support, like h264 and Proress. We are making great progress, so I hope we can add that soon. Not all codecs will be useful for advanced sample triggering, like finger drumming, though. Proress seems like the best alternative for Hap if you want to save on file size. Hap is optimized for live video, so that will remain the best choice, but it will be nice to be able to choose different codecs for different situations.

We are working towards a new update that adds more visual effects, a handy output window controller and adds looping, preroll and oneshot to the eSampler. So there is a lot to look forward to.

Looking forward to your live show!

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